Fun With Future!
Fun With Future!
For a bunch of fun stuff and drawings too! :D


  Here is a pic of what I’m working on right now. It’s for this retro future kind of thing comic I’m playing with.

  The premise is that the civil rights movement/cultural revolution(s) of the 50s/60s/early-70s failed/were suppressed and we went on like that, even though we are now technologically advanced. There is a new wave of revolutionaries organizing underground that have recently decided to consolidate their groups to fight for what they are calling The Second Civil Rising. They are gathering people of interest together and preparing something big. The story is told through a changing first person view of the new inner circle. This guy here is a member of The Neo-Yellow Peril Party, or N.Y.P.P.s (pronounced nips) for short. 

  I love sci-fi and POCs rebeling/working together to get shit done, so this is the love child of that. I used reference for the pic. This is my OC and this idea belongs to me and blah blah don’t steal and stuff.