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Are you a writer who wants to write a racially diverse story for Nanowrimo?

Do you want to participate in virtual write-ins with like-minded writers around the world?

If you answered “Yes,” then Nanowrimo in Color 2014 is for you!

This upcoming November, we’d like to have writers of color and white writers alike come together and encourage each other to write racially diverse stories. Virtual write-ins will be held all throughout November. This will include word wars, sprints, brainstorming sessions, and even general feedback opportunities.

We hope that you will make friends and continue to incorporate racially diverse characters past November, in an effort to spread awareness, and create more content for racially diverse stories.

If you’re interested, please fill out this General Interest/Participation Form and we will be in touch with more details soon!

If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to send us a message after taking a look at our FAQ.








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Oct 01st
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from girl rising …to consider on international women’s day (and every day thereafter)

equality needs to be a goal that everybody actively works towards.


An illustration of Ching Shih for Tiki Machine's latest art book, Tales of the Nautical Deep. Out soon!


Saw a post yesterday that attempted to equate good and evil with yin and yang.


This is actually pretty obvious if you bother to read any actual Taoist shit and not like, some new age bullshit.

While Taoism doesn’t have a singular canon, much of the ideas do tend to sit close to the ideas in…


Lao American Magazine is an independent online journal based in northern California. Since 2009, we have featured stories by and about Americans of Laotian descent, as well as Americans living and working in Laos. We are growing, learning and looking for talented supporters. If you have a request for submission or a story you would like featured, please contact us.

Go ahead and take a look at their work and their great articles!



The Novel Fox, a new digital-first ebook publisher, is inviting authors to submit their manuscripts to three of its imprints: The Novel Fox FIRSTS (unpublished novel-length fiction); The Novel Fox DISCOVERIES (previously-published novels that deserve a second life);…




The first ever photograph of the Justice League Fighting Team’s ‘Big Three’, from left to right: Heavyweight Karen “Power Girl” Starr, Light Heavyweight Diana “The Amazon” Prince and the most recent (and controversial) addition to the team, Light Heavyweight “Big” Barda Apok, formerly fighting for the Fury Battalion Fighting Team.

Photo credit: Scott Free

Barda’s supposed to be seven feet tall (and not a beanpole), how’d she end up as a light heavyweight?

I’m trying to keep it a bit more grounded in terms of height/weight since these are human versions of otherwise non-human characters, and I like the idea that Diana and Barda have a bit of a rivalry so I made them both roughly around the same size and put them in the same weight class for that reason. In my head I wasn’t going too skinny with her, but that whole thing depends on who’s looking at it, it seems. I loosely based her frame on Joanne Calderwood’s, Karen’s based less on any female mma body type and more on a power-lifter body type, and Diana’s kind of a taller Gina Carano. 

But how come Barda and not Power Girl (other than artistic liberties)? Like Barda is really imposing and 7 ft tall like this other person said but she’d still be able to be semi - rivals with Diana if she was bulkyer? Or they were both bulkier? Cause they’re wrasslers right? And real humans can still be really tall too. I love this AU and idea and that you took time to make this awesome candid pic kind of thing btw but Barda definitely looks like the little sister of the group here instead of the muscly ham fans love her for being. She looks skinny like definitely looks skinny. Maybe if you do any more of these she’ll have bulked up or something or in this AU she’s a newbie? Idanno it’s weird to have Barda not be a giant but then to also have her be lean is v odd. She’s a huge cornball softy with friends so it’s refreshing to see her being casual but unnerving to see her dwarfed, especially by Power Girl. And then like you have the fact that muscular women are always shafted and drawn as skinny and shit even in this kind of setting (and a lot of times even in their own comics!) despite them being described as super strong and athletic so I think if people have commented on it it’s definitely not just coming from nowhere. So with characters like Barda especially I think it’s probably getting some side-eyeing because she’s canonically a muscle giant probably?



Next Generation Spacesuit like Second Skin

Scientists from MIT have designed a next-generation spacesuit that acts practically as a second skin, and could revolutionize the way future astronauts travel into space. (Photo : Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT)

Astronauts are used to climbing into conventional bulky, gas-pressurized spacesuits, but this new design could allow them to travel in style. Soon they may don a lightweight, skintight and stretchy garment lined with tiny, muscle-like coils. Essentially the new suit acts like a giant piece of shrink-wrap, in which the coils contract and tighten when plugged into a power supply, thereby creating a “second skin.”

"With conventional spacesuits, you’re essentially in a balloon of gas that’s providing you with the necessary one-third of an atmosphere [of pressure,] to keep you alive in the vacuum of space," lead researcher Dava Newman, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems at MIT, said in astatement.

"We want to achieve that same pressurization, but through mechanical counterpressure - applying the pressure directly to the skin, thus avoiding the gas pressure altogether. We combine passive elastics with active materials. … Ultimately, the big advantage is mobility, and a very lightweight suit for planetary exploration."

Newman, who has worked for the past decade on a design for the next-generation spacesuit, describes the new garment in detail in the journal IEEE/ASME: Transactions on Mechatronics.

The MIT BioSuit’s coils, which are a main feature of the outfit, are made from a shape-memory alloy (SMA). At a certain temperature, the material can “remember” and spring back to its engineered shape after being bent or misshapen.

Skintight suits are not a novel idea, but in the past scientists have always struggled with the question: how do you get in and out of a suit that is so tight? That’s where the SMAs come in, allowing the suit to contract only when heated, and subsequently stretched back to a looser shape when cooled.

Though the lightweight suit may not seem at first like it can withstand the harsh environment that is outer space, Newman and his colleagues are sure that the BioSuit would not only give astronauts much more freedom during planetary exploration, but it would also fully support these space explorers.

Newman and his team are not only working on how to keep the suit tight for long periods of time, but also believe their design could be applied to other attires, such as athletic wear or military uniforms.

"An integrated suit is exciting to think about to enhance human performance," Newman added. "We’re trying to keep our astronauts alive, safe, and mobile, but these designs are not just for use in space."

Scuse you, Dava Newman is a FEMALE professor at MIT. 

(fyi, I passed out in a vacuum chamber wearing an earlier version of this suit. =D)

jon b is a gentleman he asked fa consent before dancin wit shorty in dont talk he didnt blur the lines cause his edge up was sharp 2


I find it interesting that so many people know George Washington Carver as “that Negro that invented peanut butter,” when he is also credited with being the father of Chemurgy, more commonly known as biochemical engineering.



Apparently not alot of people have warmed up to the created for TV show character Fish Mooney, played by the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith. Some have written that she is out of place, and not in a usual position of mob boss for a person of her gender and race. Others have said that she is over…



well dollskill was just taken off my list of all time favorite stores….

this hurts to read.

I never heard of this but my followers may know whatever shop this is.

(In fantasies of democracy, the enslaver rescues the savage from barbarity, and the abolitionist saves the savage from the enslaver. Afrarealism sees both forms of “salvation” as captivity.)
- Joy James, “Afrarealism and the Black Matrix: Maroon Philosophy at Democracy’s Border.” The Black Scholar, Vol. 43, No. 4; p. 125 (via so-treu)